Why Fingerprint?

WordPress is the most popular open source CMS on the planet. By most estimations a third of the entire web runs WordPress. If you’re a hacker, that’s a huge target to aim for. As such, WordPress security should be at the very top of your considerations for your website.

Hacked WordPress sites are often used for a wide variety of activities you don’t want to be linked to: sending large volumes of spam, SEO spam links, propagating viruses and more. All of these can have negative impacts on your website, from losing search engine rankings to dissuading your site visitors from checking out your site.

One of the main vectors of attack against WordPress are plugins. WP Fingerprint works to identify if the plugins on your website have been exploited. Every time a plugin or core file changes, our scanner will verify the file for you.

Why should I trust WP Fingerprint?

Let us introduce ourselves.

We’re 34SP.com, a UK based WordPress hosting company – pleased to meet you! We have nearly two decades worth of web hosting experience under our belts. We hosted our first website way back in 2000 and since then we’ve helped tens of thousands of people get their website online. We’ve been involved with WordPress hosting from day one, ever since Mike Little and Matt Mullenwegg forked b2/cafelog back in 2003. Today, we host thousands of WordPress websites.

We created WP Fingerprint in 2016 as a way to help our own clients combat the problem of hacked plugin files. At launch, WP Fingerprint ran as an integrated part of our WordPress platform across hundreds and hundreds of websites.

As we’re committed to supporting the WordPress community the best we can, in 2017 we decided to release the tool free of charge to the larger Wordress world. We decoupled the plugin from our WordPress hosting platform and it now runs as a standalone WordPress plugin. The plugin is free, and can be used by anyone with a WordPress website. You don’t need to host your website with 34SP.com to use WP Fingerprint.

What data do you collect and store?

First and foremost we’re here to help increase security and awareness. We’re not here to scoop up all your private data. We store only what we need to help keep your site safe. We store the following data:

* your domain name
* a list of the plugins you have installed
* the versions of those plugins

I’ve got a question, query or wild idea

Just drop us a line to info@34sp.com with WP Fingerprint in the title of your email. We’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible.